What life lessons you can learn from Leonardo Dicaprio

There are not too many actors in the current league who have been nominated for Academy Awards as many as nine times. Leonardo Dicaprio is one actor who can put his hand up and claim that he has indeed being nominated these numbers of times.

One of the prime reasons why an actor can achieve great heights is because he is committed to whatever he does. This is a quality that Leonardo Dicaprio has it in. He has always been highly committed to his work ever since he first broke on the big screen. This is one lesson that a number of people can learn from this amazingly talented actor. Usually, not many people are committed about their work. This is one of the reasons why they do not end up doing so well.

Leonardo Dicaprio has already shown the world the importance of being committed. He is probably the only actor to give a number of box office hits in a row. More importantly, his films have also gone onto gain a lot of critical acclaim. The combination of critical acclaim and box office success is not something that occurs every now and then. Hence, the very fact that Leonardo Dicaprio has achieved this on a number of occasions makes him one of the top actors of all time.

How much? No doubt DiCaprio'

How much? No doubt DiCaprio’


Catch me if you can, The Aviator, Gangs of new York, The Departed, Blood Diamond and Revolutionary Road are some of his films that have gone on to make a huge impact on the box office. Inception and Shutter Island are two movies that went onto create records at the box office. These two movies remain Leonardo’s massive hits till date.

It is simply amazing for an actor to be so consistent, especially for someone like Leonardo Dicaprio who tends to always experiment with roles and characters he plays. If you go through the kind of films he has done during his career, you would probably realize that he has played all kinds of genres, making it even more difficult for him to stay consistent. The only reason why he has been able to achieve to gain what he has is because of the kind of commitment he has towards his work.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me

Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me

Another lesson that people can learn from Leonardo Dicaprio is his willingness to raise the bar of his performance time and over again. Usually, for an individual who has given successful films at consistent pace, being complacent is something that is bound to happen. However, Leonardo Dicaprio has never shown such signs and this again is something that speaks a lot about this actor. You too can show similar commitment towards your profession and gain success.